Jan 19-20

 Meet at the church at 7:15 we will then carpool together down to Lakeview UMC for worship and then head over to the Barberton YMCA. Please bring the following- Guys- a snack to share, Girls- a drink to share. There will be swimming, basketball, volleyball, movies, board games, pizza and snacks. There will be quiet rooms available for those who want to sleep. Cost is $10


Jan 21- Grace Park

– Meet at the church at 1:30 and we will return around 3:30. We will car pool down to Grace Park and pass out a meal to the hungry and homeless in downtown Akron.

 Jan 28- Pancake Breakfast

The youth will join the rest of the church at the pancake breakfast at 10am. This event is to raise funds and show support for the Moore family, who has been an important part of our youth group, as Bob Moore battles cancer once again. 

Feb 4- Breakfast Club

This is our monthly breakfast club. Confirmands are asked to grab food and take it down to class as this is the first day of regular class for the confirmation group. 



2017-2018 Student Ministry Medical and Media Release Form

      Serving at Grace Park
Mission Trip 2017                                Serving at Grace Park
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